Part of the key packaging trends for 2017, Mobile-engaged packaging is on the rise

Part of the key packaging trends for 2017, Mobile-engaged packaging is on the rise

Last week, Selinko took part at Luxe Pack C2L fair in Monaco to present its latest innovations in terms of smart products and packaging. Luxe Pack gathered every year all the experts of the luxury packaging industry giving us a good snapshot of what we can expect in terms of packaging trends and its role to better engage with consumers and deliver a unique value-added experience. The 5 key trends that cached our attention included personalized packaging on a mass level, integration of raw materials, green packaging, the rise of niche brands and last but not least, mobile-engaged packaging.

  1. Mass individualization

absolut-uniqueConsumer demand is on the rise when it comes to personalized products. A 2015 Deloitte survey found that 43% of 16-24y and 46% of 25-30y were attracted to personalized goods and services, and 71% are willing to pay for this at a premium price. Still one of the most stunning interpretation of this personalization trend, was the Absolut Unique collection, a limited edition launched in 2012 of nearly 4 million uniquely decorated bottles. Here the bottles were directly decorated, not labelled. When it comes to labelling, digital printing has captured brands’ attention by allowing individualized mass print-runs at competitive prices, offering great opportunities to engage consumers on a local, personal or even emotional level. One of the most famous example, coming from the mass market, is Coca Cola with their ‘Share a Coke” campaign, involving approximately 800 million personalized labels with 150 different names or more recently, the Heineken country edition during Euro football game.

  1. Raw materials

This year at LuxePack we noticed an increasing use of raw materials in the packaging, including wood, stone or even ceramics. From cap droppers to the entire bottle, manufacturers are exploring the potential of using raw materials to add tactility and sophistication.



Ex: Pujolasos 

  1. Eco-friendly

When product price and perceived product quality are equal, consumer will be increasingly turning to eco and alternative material sources as the deciding purchasing factor. Green packaging can also play an important role to bring emotion. As example, the Spanish luxury oil maker del Poaig invites its clients to pull the cardboard petal of its exclusive packaging to discover one of the world’s most expensive olive oil.



  1. Niche beauty

At this year’s Luxe Pack grounds, packaging manufacturers were showing off creative designs made for smaller, independent brands, rather than focusing on work done for the usual big names. The indie brands are becoming the new norm and the brands to look at in terms of packaging innovations and design.


Ex: Lilah B cosmetics

  1. Mobile connected packaging

For the first time, with C2L congress, Luxe Pack Monaco devoted an entire hall to the digital transformation in the luxury industry, a sector that won’t be spared by this revolution. Smart packaging using mobile interaction seems to have a bright future. With 5.8 billion smartphones predicted by 2020 and about ¾ of the population on earth to have a smartphone subscription, brands can’t avoid intelligent packaging as a new powerful communication channel with their consumers. Consumers are looking for more personalized interaction with their favorite brands and NFC smartphone-readable tags allow new ways of enhancing consumer and product experiences. By giving a digital identity to products, a simple tap with a smartphone will now change the way brands can connect with their clients. Imagine an anytime, anywhere dialogue with the product acting as new media channel or a simple tap to get any useful information related to the product or its usage, or even, to access a loyalty or contest program. For luxury brands and packaging, synonym of intimacy, exclusivity, crafted,  the shift towards the mass connected world, will probably be naturally pushed by the infinite potential of the instant data usage in order to re-invent or empower an exclusive relationship with the end consumer.

Today, Selinko’s expertise has been recognized and rewarded when it comes to connected products and packaging by offering to brands a secure and powerful platform to engage with their consumers in the digital age.


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