Your Le Pin bottle is unique and authentified by the Selinko solution

Scan the Selinko chip on the label with a NFC smartphone to check instantly the authenticity and the number of your bottle.

  1. An NFC tag containing a secure chip is placed on each bottle. It is impossible to copy the content of the chip.
  2. Download the SELINKO app.
  3. Log in
  4. Unlock the experience by placing the back of your NFC smarthpone on Le Pin label over the place where the chip is located:
  5. at the center for the 2010 vintage
  6. behind the Selinko logo for the other vintages
  7. wait a few seconds until the connection is established (hold your smartphone over the label until the folowing screen appears, a few moments after the beep).
  8. You access the certificate of authenticity and unique number of your bottle.

Le Pin, first wine in the world identified with the Selinko solution from the 2010 vintage onwards, every bottle of Le Pin carries an electronic identity card which can be read with an NFC-enabled smartphone. Every tag contains unique information about your bottle such as a guarantee of authenticity and a number that can be accessed by a simple scan of the label.


Download the NFC SELINKO mobile app


For any question :

  1. What sort of smartphone can I use to check en item’s authenticity and access interactive services using the SELINKO application? Any Android NFC enabled smartphone.
  2. Do I need an Internet connection to access the SELINKO application services ? Yes, you need to be connected to the Internet using wifi or an Internet mobile connection (2G or more).
  3. How long does it take to access the services? Just 1 or 2 seconds depending on your connection speed.
  4. Can the chip become discharged? No, because the chip is recharged by magnetic induction each time it is scanned by the telephone.
  5. How should I scan the bottle in order to access the various services? After downloading the SELINKO mobile application, hold your smartphone against the tag on the label and start the scan.
  6. Where can I download the SELINKO app? Available  from  Google Play Store.