BikeSeal combines bank-level digital security with the power of social media to tackle the growing problem of bike theft and recovery

Aix-en-Provence, France, and Brussels, Belgium, September 10, 2014 – INSIDE Secure (Euronext Paris: INSD), a leader in embedded security solutions for mobile and connected devices, Selinko, the object identification company, and Cherry On, a company committed to reducing the problem of lost and stolen bikes, today announce the availability of BikeSeal, a smart secure system designed to fight bike theft and aid in the recovery of lost or stolen property.

“There is a strong demand from urban cyclists and authorities for an easy to use solution that provides a better deterrent against bike theft and streamlines the return of lost or stolen property to its rightful owner.” said Jean-Pierre Pirson, CEO at Cherry On. “The combined solution of INSIDE Secure BikeSeal with Selinko’s platform and our Cherry On social media community is being very well received by the citizens and authorities we are committed to serve as a much needed and revolutionary way to tackle the growing problem of bike theft.”

Each year nearly 2.9 million bikes are stolen in Europe. With approximately 331 bikes stolen every hour and thousands lost, half of urban cyclists are victims of this growing problem. In many cases, the lost or stolen property is not returned when found by authorities because the identification of the bike owner is too difficult and time consuming.

For example in Brussels, Belgium more than 3,000 bikes were stolen in 2013—of the 835 bikes recovered by authorities only 20 were returned to their owners.  As a result, bicycle storage depots are literally overflowing. The reporting of bike loss or theft wastes the time of citizens and police—and when combined with storage requirements, causes exorbitant costs for local governments.

“BikeSeal solves a growing problem for urban cyclists by deterring thieves with a visible anti-theft system that contains a bank-level certified secure NFC chip and a single QR code that allows owners to digitally record ownership of a bike using a unique ID,” said Patrick Eischen, CEO at Selinko. “By scanning the chip embedded in the tag with an NFC (Near Field Communication) smartphone or device that is enabled with the Selinko mobile application platform, bike owners can activate and access key online services.”

In the event that a bike is stolen or lost, the owner can harness the power of social media through the Cherry On community to quickly mobilize other citizens and authorities in the search for and return of the missing property.

INSIDE Secure’s highly secure BikeSeal solution meets the stringent constraints of the FIPS 140-2 L3 certificate and provides a smart packaging solution that easily adheres to any metal surface. When combined with Selinko’s innovative application platform and the Cherry On online community, BikeSeal provides urban cyclists with a unique, easy to use and secure way to solve bike theft and recovery problems.

“Selinko, INSIDE Secure, and Cherry On have been working closely together to develop this solution, which combines strong authentication with software and the power of social media,” said Bernard Vian, Executive Vice President for the Secure Transactions division at INSIDE Secure. “We are very pleased to have succeeded and to provide urban cyclists and authorities with this most effective bike anti-theft and recovery system.”

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About Cherry On

 Cherry On is a Belgian company that represents cyclists, the community and the government around a common objective: to reduce the growing problem of bike theft and losses. Developed by cycling enthusiasts, Cherry On the bike provides a solution for identifying bikes using an innovative, simple and accessible to all secure tag containing a bank-level security chip and single QR Code. For more information, visit

About Selinko

Selinko is Belgian public limited company, formed in September 2012. Selinko developed the first secure and integrated platform giving each object a unique identity that can be verified by anyone. This identity enables us to provide a high-security brand protection solution for combating counterfeiting, both physical and online, by placing an NFC chip on each object. It also offers unique direct marketing and online sales services. Our solution is based on a standard technology from the banking world where it has been tried and tested for over 20 years. Each chip contains a certificate encrypted at hardware level, which can be read using an NFC mobile containing our secure application and guaranteeing completely secure communication between the telephone and the chip. Our solution is adapted to different sectors such as wines and spirits, luxury items, perfumes and cosmetics, art and design, sporting goods etc. For more information, visit

About INSIDE Secure

INSIDE Secure (Euronext Paris FR0010291245 – INSD) providescomprehensive embeddedsecurity solutions. World-leading companies rely on INSIDE Secure’s mobile security and secure transaction offerings to protect critical assets including connected devices, content, services, identity and transactions. Unmatched security expertise combined witha comprehensive range of IP, semiconductors, software and associated services gives INSIDE Secure customers a single source for advanced solutions and superior investment protection. For more information, visit


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