Selinko® and Daniel HECHTER & COSTA present the first interactive furniture range.

Selinko® and Daniel HECHTER & COSTA present the first interactive furniture range.

Brussels, 18 January 2013 – At this year’s Maison et Objet exhibition in Paris, from 18 to 22 January, Daniel Hechter & Costa – in collaboration with Selinko® – will be presenting live demonstrations of four interactive items of furniture from the “Concept” lifestyle range: the MIAMI chair, the BOSTON armchair, the NEW YORK sofa and the VEGAS bench seat.

Simply by scanning these pieces with an NFC-enabled smartphone, the customer can enjoy practical and exclusive services such as accessing the identity of the piece (model, manufacturing information, guarantee, copy of the invoice, etc.) and even instant verification of its authenticity. This is all thanks to an NFC chip placed inside the furniture and containing a unique encrypted certificate, which is highly secure and can be read with an NFC smartphone.

A revolutionary technology.
By placing a secure NFC chip on our objects, Selinko® innovates by giving them a unique identity and allowing access to interactive services such as:

  • One Scan Buy – enables the product or another product from the range to be purchased simply by scanning the item. The product becomes a new point of sale.
  • Store Locator – scan the item to locate the nearest sales outlet where it can be purchased
  • Brand Experience – exclusive content on the brand and direct after-sale communication with the owner of the item
  • Anti-Theft – enables the chip to be deactivated remotely if the item is lost or stolen, and allows the item to communicate its lost or stolen status, with the possibility of being restored to its owner
  • Authentication– enables the item’s authenticity to be verified, etc.

A successful collaboration with a first-class partner.
Selinko®: “We are delighted by this collaboration with Daniel HECHTER, the design world’s pioneer in the “Internet of Things”. 50 billion items will be internet-connected by 2020.
The things that surround us are evolving to enable their new potential (becoming new media and new points of sale, making them interact with a community, protecting them) to be exploited thanks to solutions like ours. “The future is indeed a future of objects.”

Renowned international fashion designer, Daniel Hechter is marking a successful transition from fashion to his new role of interior designer. Space and volume are part of his domain, just like the marriage of materials, colors and neutrals with which he composes perfect chords, like a pianist at his piano. Using light and harmony, he brings a warmth to often mundane surroundings, yet the magic of two small details – often taken out of context, and therefore not obvious – reminds us that a place to live should above all be a place to enjoy living. Today, Daniel Hechter and the urban architect Constantin Costoulas, known as “Costa”, having discovered a strong affinity with Jean-Pierre Pirson (Interni -Edition), are launching a lifestyle range which has found its place among the pure, timeless lines developed for over fifteen years by Interni Edition (

We are a Belgian public limited company, formed in September 2012. We have developed the first secure and integrated platform giving each object a unique identity that can be verified by anyone This identity enables us to provide a high-security brand protection solution for combating counterfeiting both physical and online, as well as offering unique direct marketing and online sales services, by placing an NFC chip on each object. Our solution is based on a standard technology from the banking world where it has been tried and tested for over 20 years. Each chip contains a certificate encrypted at hardware level, which can be read using an NFC mobile containing our secure application and guaranteeing completely secure communication between the telephone and the chip. Our solution is adapted to different sectors such as Wines and Spirits, Luxury Items, Perfumes and Cosmetics, Art and Design, Sporting Goods etc.

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