SELINKO® offers brand names a new identification solution for use in combating counterfeiting and in direct marketing.

SELINKO® offers brand names a new identification solution for use in combating counterfeiting and in direct marketing.

Selinko® is the first secure and integrated platform to give objects a unique identity. This identity enables anyone to verify the authenticity of their object instantaneously and to access interactive services, simply by scanning the object with an NFC-enabled smartphone.

Brussels, 19th June 2013 – By fitting objects with an NFC security chip containing a digital encrypted and tamperproof certificate, Selinko® innovates by offering an authentication system which is accessible to all and provides the highest level of security, thanks to a standard technology from the banking world where it has been tried and tested for over 20 years. By giving this unique identity to objects, Selinko® permits not only authentication but also access to interactive services such as product information (serial number, production, description, date of purchase, etc.), declaration of ownership of the object and access to the product community and to certain privileges. And all by simply scanning the object with an NFC-enabled mobile smartphone, after downling our free app now available on Android. NFC (Near Field Communication) is a short-range communication medium that can be used for secure connection between your phone and the world around you. It’s a rapidly growing technology with over half a billion NFC devices expected on the market within a year (ABI Research).

The highest level of security
The Selinko® solution is based on a standard process of dynamic, high-security encryption of the data contained in the tag on the bottle, making it completely tamper-proof.Our technology is already in line with estimated security standards for 2040 and our tags are EAL4+ certified, the highest security level in the civilian field.

Easy integration
By choosing the Selinko® solution, brands are choosing the ability to access our open platform and retain ownership of their certificates for their entire product lifetime. Our standard, non-proprietary technology guarantees the highest level of security and confidentiality, without altering the production line.

Growing success from a solution adopted by several sectors.
Scarcely a few months since its launch, Selinko® has won over a number of sectors such as design, leather goods and wine.
The level of security, ease of integration and involvement of the end customer are what make it stand out by comparison with existing solutions.
Selinko®’s clients include the prestigious Bordeaux wine producer Le Pin and the famous designer brand Daniel Hechter. A major leather goods brand will also be announced soon.

Counterfeiting is one of the fastest growing economic crimes worldwide.
The market for counterfeit goods worldwide is a $600 billion a year problem and is directly responsible for the loss of more than 750,000 American job and 200,000 in E.U.It’s a problem that has grown over 10,000 percent in the past two decades.
(International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition)

We are a Belgian public limited company, formed in September 2012. We have developed the first secure and integrated platform giving each object a unique identity that can be verified by anyone This identity enables us to provide a high-security brand protection solution for combating counterfeiting both physical and online, as well as offering unique direct marketing and online sales services, by placing an NFC chip on each object. Our solution is based on a standard technology from the banking world where it has been tried and tested for over 20 years. Each chip contains a certificate encrypted at hardware level, which can be read using an NFC mobile containing our secure application and guaranteeing completely secure communication between the telephone and the chip. Our solution is adapted to different sectors such as Wines and Spirits, Luxury Items, Perfumes and Cosmetics, Art and Design, Sporting Goods etc.

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