Selinko presents the first connected mezcal product, Viejo Indecente

Selinko presents the first connected mezcal product, Viejo Indecente

After vintage wines and cognac, it’s the turn of mezcal, that famous Mexican spirit which is now soaring in popularity, to get its bottles connected.  The Viejo Indecente brand has just entrusted Selinko with the task of protecting its most prestigious mezcal with the aim of effecting a secure launch onto the Chinese market and also to give itself the edge in its key markets.

Brussels, December 1 2015

A drink that is truly emblematic of Mexico, mezcal is a liquor distilled from agave, a plant native to the American continent. Unlike the industrial processes used to manufacture its cousin, tequila, mezcal is made according to traditional methods, giving a unique authenticity to this spirit. Mezcal is currently experiencing unprecedented popularity not only in Mexico, but also beyond its borders and as far as China. Its local consumption in bars has doubled in four years and exports have tripled over the same period*.

Viejo Indecente is the image of a dynamic and pioneering mezcal brand, despite having been established for three generations already. The Lucas family has grasped the challenges of innovating in a field where tradition is a must, and where expertise needs to be protected.

Produced in the Oaxaca region, bottles of Viejo Indecente Madrecuishe – the brand’s most prestigious product – will be equipped with a contactless NFC chip that gives products a unique digital identity. This technology will enable consumers to have a guarantee of authenticity simply by scanning the top of the bottle with their smartphone, as well as the certainty that the bottle has not already been opened.

“Mezcal Viejo Indecente is an exceptional crafted product with a century-old legacy, which tells a contemporary and thought-provoking story. The expertise of the Lucas family, masters of mescal distilling, and the age of the agave, form the basis for this extraordinary spirit. For me, bringing an exceptional product to the market and maintaining its quality is a big responsibility. I find Selinko to be without doubt the best solution for certifying the authenticity of our product. This is very important in the world of craft distilling of which mezcal is a part. It also enables us to establish a dialog with new and existing consumers.” Gabriel PACHECO, CEO Viejo Indecente

Selinko will preview its connected and secured Viejo Indecente Madrecuishe bottle at the VS Pack exhibition from 1 to 3 December 2015 in Cognac, France

The bottles are due to be launched on the market in March 2016.


First connected mezcal product, Viejo Indecente with Selinko technology First connected mezcal product, Viejo Indecente with Selinko technology
First connected mezcal product, Viejo Indecente with Selinko technology


About Selinko

Selinko is the first Internet of Genuine things platform. Our mission is to make objects smart by giving them a unique identity that can be verified by anyone thanks to an integrated NFC chip, which can be read simply by scanning with a smartphone. This identity enables us to give brands a complete solution combining authentication for combating physical and online counterfeiting, traceability up to the point of sale and marketing services to enhance the consumer’s experience. Our platform offers technologies and levels of authentication security that are adapted to market requirements. Our “one-stop shop” approach also allows us to offer an integrated service, from choice and integration of the technology to the strategy for communication from the connected object to the consumer. Our solution is aimed at different sectors such as Luxury Items, Wines and Spirits, Perfumes and Cosmetics, Sporting Goods, Art and Design, etc.

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