SERAM INTERNATIONAL and SELINKO unveiled the first fragrance accessories connected via NFC technology at the PCD tradeshow.

SERAM INTERNATIONAL and SELINKO unveiled the first fragrance accessories connected via NFC technology at the PCD tradeshow.

Saint-Just-Malmont, Brussels, January 20th, 2017

In pairing NFC tags with its decorative ornaments, Seram, world leader in accessories and decoration for branding, advances further in the possibilities offered for their clients by using digital as a vector of communication, proximity and differentiation. Thanks to a collaboration with Selinko, the digital identification platform specialized in the authentication, traceability, and engagement of consumers, four NFC ‘’connected’’ textile decorations (a label and a ribbon for a gift box, a bottle ornament and a perfume blotter) were presented at the Paris PCD tradeshow. Thanks to the web and mobile applications developed by Selinko, a simple tap with an NFC-enabled smartphone allows the consumer to enter into the world of both the product and the brand to offer a truly unique and innovative experience and perspective.

DSC00227Why choose NFC technology ?

Present-day usage of the mobile phone has created a wide array of new habits (video chat, online purchasing, wireless payments, etc.). The Internet of  Things  is undergoing a period of strong growth and the Gartner Group estimates that by 2020, 20.8 million objects will be connected. The fragrance and beauty industries will not be left out of this evolving landscape. The NFC is the primary technology permitting both the ‘’connection’’ of objects and the enabling of secure transactions. At present, more than 330 smartphone models are already equipped with the necessary technology. In addition to its secure and standardized characteristics, this technology is also extremely easy to use. A quick tap of an object containing an NFC tag will kick off the experience. It will also allow easy and discreet integration into decorations and embellishments at the production level.

Why choose decorative ornaments ?

Seram’s know-how allows for the integration of NFC technology within its decorations in an efficient and subtle manner which can be applied to the entire line of decorations for primary packaging, secondary packaging, and promotional items regardless of the size of the launch in question. Seram offers a system of decoration which is truly unique in order to enable a brand to genuinely differentiate itself while continuing to allow for a unified message across all product launches and promotional events.

How does it work ?

Seram presents Maison Céleste, a collaborative idea tasked with demonstrating the concept in which a perfume bottle is displayed in an Araidena box and completed with an MPack perfume blotter. Each element of the primary packaging, secondary packaging and promotional item presents a decoration or ornament integrating an NFC tag powered by Selinko, which enables the user to obtain different levels of involvement as well as establishing a real connection between the brand and the consumer (B2C), as well as between the consumer and the user (C2C).

Bottle decoration


Fabric label and printed ribbon


Perfume blotter
ornement connecté NFC pour parfum Seram & Selinko Boîte de parfum connectée NFC Seram & Selinko Touche à sentir NFC Seram & Selinko


Upon scanning, each tag connects to an application which allows :

  • Authentification of the product in a unique way
  • Online purchase (of complimentary products as an example)
  • Help with a store locator
  • Sharing of information and content about the product and brand
  • Personalized messaging between the purchaser and the receiver of the gift


The advantages for brands wishing to activate and employ NFC technology are numerous.

Thanks to NFC technology, these ‘’augmented’’ products provide a unique opportunity for brands to create a more impactful and direct link with their customers, even beyond the actual act of purchasing. Indeed, each tap of a ‘’connected’’ product sends information to the brand in real time which is catalogued on Selinko’s secure platform: Brand Manager. These valuable data points will allow the brand to learn more about its consumers in order to communicate with them in a much more personalized and intimate way in addition to enriching its CRM.

A simple product tap enters the consumer into the world of the brand via exclusive content, video, advice, a customer loyalty program, or even access to a VIP club offering advantages and unique experiences, etc. Beyond creating a stronger link between the brand and its customers (B2C), this technology also connects the customers themselves (C2C) via sharing of content on social networks. The consumers thereby discovers that they are actually a member of a ‘’community’’, the client’s experience is thereby augmented.

Lastly, beyond the elements of communication, the technology also offers a new sales channel for brands. A simple tap of a product also allows the brand to recommend that product or another from the product range.

The scenarization of the application and the content of the messages will only be limited by the imagination and creativity of the brands themselves in their use of this exciting new technology.

About Seram:
Expert in accessories, decoration and branding for over 30 years, Seram provides valuable insight and both technical and creative solutions to decorate, embellish and brand your products, packaging and your entire marketing environment. With hundreds of materials, a highly varied and unique knowhow, a passionate design team motivated by an attention to detail and design as well as an innovation division allowing for the creation of thousands of products adapted to your individual needs, Seram is an expert in decorative solutions. With over 250 million pieces sold each year, factories and logistical centers in China, Sri-Lanka and Madagascar, and sales offices in Paris, Hong Kong, New York and Rio de Janeiro as well as our headquarters in the Auvergne – Rhône Alpes region, SERAM is the world leader in its category.